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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weighty Probs

I'm watching too much TV. I'm sitting too much in the office, I'm feeding on way too much chips and I'm lazying too much at the apartment here in Bangkok. I desperately need to do some workout like I did back home.

I wish to swim. I wish to play tennis. I wish to play squash. I wish to shake, shake and sweat, sweat. I wish to tone up my sagging arms. I wish to maintain a flat abs( not thinking of a 6 packs though, that's a long way to go), I wish to firm up my butt a bit, I wish to remove the eye soring fats from my thighs. Urrgg there's so much .. to be done. I wish to remove some weight gained.

But then again, I've always been quite active but I don't understand the fat thighs. In fact, I notice most female swimmer have fat accumulated at their bottom half.

Maybe Fitness Diva can advice a lil on this? Why does this happen when they use a lot of leg muscles to swim?

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