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Friday, October 16, 2009

Casual Chat in the Plane

Just returned from a working trip to Bangkok today after spending 3 weeks there. This time I sat among a group of loud people which just couldn't sit still at their seats in the airbus. These people even went around taking pictures. "Hey kid, sit down please!! You're not even the size of the kid to think the slim air steward can pass around you!" I just felt like saying. There were several time the flash hit me when they took pics of the 2 ladies next to me. What the....

The air steward just took away my trash and I continued to look down. "He said you're very good, read a lot." I looked up surprised with the English words among the loudness of Thai. I was having with me the 'Go Travel' mag as well as The Star and Bangkok Daily.

A little casual chat led me to know she's a frequent traveller to KL with the group. The lady sitting next to her was her mom and they're on the way to their PJ office. "You know FusionExcel?" She asked holding out her pendant. Yes, I do. Why not? I've been seeing demo of this from my very own bro and everywhere he goes he spread the news as if Jesus was born yesterday. It seems like it works miracle curing intricate long term diseases, repairing body systems with their enegized water, reduce radiation effect from heavy cellphone users, etc.

So, this Khun Rattana was telling, it's an opportunity to make big bugs, sorry bucks. Pointing to a guy in front of me,"That guy, now he earns THB 20 mil a month. He used to earn THB5mil but that one not good, Fusion Excel is the best business opportunity. Good system *smile*, good product *smile*, can help people *smile*, very good *smile, smile smile*." "You should try"

Maybe, maybe it's good. Else I wouldn't have listen to your business plans on how by extending your downline, you earn so and so. What am I talking? Isn't this a get rich scam? No? What is it then? But, there're so many out there speaking about this. Fusion Excel Ambassadors include Yuan YuFang, Malik Noor and Shalin Zulkifli. Don't you want a way out from your current life? Don't you want flexibility? Flexibility for what's currently in mind like fellow blogger Haan and Jack are doing. Don't you want a supportive working environment? Don't you want $$$?


Kennee said...

Yes we all want $$$ XD

Ken Wooi said...

everyone wants it..
it's just the matter of how we get it.. =P


Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Kennee,
Yea, money is never enough eh no matter how much you've accumulated.

Hi Kenwooi,
Yea.. do you think Fusion Excel is genuine? Somehow, there should be genuinity to this otherwise it's been long cracked down by the authority.

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