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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Non-Baking Days

Yo, I miss baking! Everyone seems to be baking and proudly posting pics of their masterpiece at FB. I miss baking!! I like baking!! I like savouring my masterpiece!! But haha! I don't bake well. No, it should be others haven't learnt how to appreciate my food. What's wrong with reducing the butter and sugar. I have neither see the texture difference in anyway nor do I see any difference to the taste. What's wrong with the sponge cake or the chiffon cake I baked? The coffee taste was so tempting though the cake didn't rise as high as commercial's. What's wrong with the bread I baked? It was proofed just right though not as soft and aromatic. No matter what, I miss baking!!! I wanna bake!

After searching high and low, at last I spotted my oven at the living room


Me : There, what are you doing right here in the living room?!
Oven : What do you think, huh?
Me : And what happened to you?? Where have you been playing?
Oven : What do you think huh, master? I should be the one asking!!


Fan+book+table: Don't you care bout us? We're just as dusty!!!

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