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Monday, October 12, 2009

Thai Crop Hairstyle

It seems that my earlier post featuring the Thai crop hairstyle is among the most visited post. I'm not sure if my sketch was good enough on illustrating my point. Anyhow here you go, shot when I was hanging out at the mall earlier this evening.


I'm not sure if they call it cropped hairstyle in English coz it's just my term for it due to the cluster of hair in the middle, where it's longer than the side and back part.


Another example here. I presume it's a school requirement on hairstyles, or to be exact hair length among primary and secondary school kids?


The father will kill me if he caught me stealthily taking their pics, not once but twice. Sorry, I just want to feature the hairstyle. "Pee.. seah jai mak mak ka. "

Pee - addressing someone senior
seah jai - sorry
mak mak - a lot, a lot
ka - polite ending for females speakers in Thai conversation

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