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Friday, August 15, 2008

Past Weeks in Thailand

Thailand is a next door neighbour to Malaysia. However, there are still minor differences I find interesting. I bet people found me 'suaku' (outdated or lost in development) when I took my camera out and snapped these. *LoL*
Could it be due to the blogger culture slowly getting it's significance in me? Is it the same with you?

A bigger version of 'tuk tuk' ? Captured at Rangsit, which is 30 minutes away from Central Bangkok.

Lazy Sunday at JJ park (also known as Chatuchak Park). Eyy... just picnicking.. never seen before???? *LoL*

The bigger one is actually a snakeskin fruit and the smaller one, I have no idea of its name. It's small, it's sour and has got tiny seeds. However, what I had here was preserved. I came to realize Thai love their food sweet(which is far too sweet for me). I've always thought they only fancy sour and spicy food like tom yum.
'Buah salak' in Malay or snakeskin fruit. I bought and tasted the fresh fruit itself and I love it! It's juicy and naturally sweet minus the extra sugar. Just becareful with the thorns on the skin. Picture extracted from www.ica.se/vardagshjalpen.com.

Baby clams with chilli paste? "Where are the clams?" I said aloud once I opened this packet.

Sticky rice with meat floss. Not good... floss' extra sweet without even a bit of spiciness. Proud to say Malaysian's meet floss tastes much better.

Meiji Yogurt with nata de coco. Yucks...sweet ...sweet sweet...couldn't get myself to finish it. Just fished out the nata de coco and ate.

At the national art gallery....

Sale.. sale.. outside the exit of Chatuchak Market. for THB20 per kilo. "lo la yee sib baht!" CHEAP! Took a mental note to buy after my shopping. Too bad when I returned, "Mai mee laew!" said the auntie hawker with a wide grin.

"Feed me, feed me, will somebody? I haven't had my breakfast!"

"Feed me!!! I can't sleep without my supper!"


Johnny Ong said...

don't worry abt the taking pictures as u want. at least it's permissible in thailand.

while i was in sudan, i have to think twice b4 and even that, did it in hiding at times. hehe

Akira said...

Serioussss? By the way, what interesting pictures you took? Government highly confidential docs? This is an inevitable ques man. heheh.. Regret telling me already?

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