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Monday, August 18, 2008

Self Pity

What would you do knowing you have a blog and it can't be left abandoned for the 3 weeks you're away? " Won't you have an internet connection then?" I hear you asking. I do, I sure do need a desktop for work at the office in Bangkok. Ironically, my boss will sit right behind me there. It's a temporary office and thus got no proper cubicles. You understand the situation well?

I wonder how life would be. Going back every evening to the rented apartment which is 40 minutes from Central Bangkok, thus the unavailability of the skyway train. After dinner, I would most probably be sitting right in front of the tv. Having no laptop would be like having lost touch with the world(more specifically the cyber world which I depend on so much!) and people back home. yeap... I'm self pitying here, really.(No shame at all..)

I'm gonna catch up on the Olympic Games, I think. That's basically the focus of everyone around the world now. Right, right, right?

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