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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Spirit???

OK, it's the 14th day...oh...2 weeks have passed since the beginning of the prestigious Olympic Games and that left 2 more days to go. I foresee myself glued to the TV like the previous few evenings I'm here in Bangkok.

I should be feeding myself piece after piece of chips right from the bag. Having enough of saltiness, I foresee myself boiling some hot water for coffee. In between the hot sips, again I continue with my chips, not moving from my sit at all until my eyelids begins to drop. I force it to open and I stay up a while to check what's showing then. Ohh wow, rhythmic gymnastics, one of my favs!

I check my hp for the time. 01:30 and that would leave less than 6 hours for bed. Aww... get lost..I really don't want to miss this! Then, I continue watching...until the next thing I know, I open my eyes.. handphone(hp) shows 04:30am this time. I haven't brushed my teeth and washed my face. The TV's still switched on. Worse, I have slept with my lenses still on.

What do I do next??? I have only 1.5 hrs left before I wake up and face the world...*to be continued*

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