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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Interests Adjusted

This blog was initiated to share my interests with people out there. Whoever drops in and finds it interesting will link to me and at the same time we can connect with common interests.

Lately, this is what I did. I haven't been swimming, playing tennis, has stopped line dancing class, and neither have I touched my badminton racquet for a long time. My guitar, it's been left dustying at the corner of my room back here at my family's home. So sad...I wonder if I still remember how to finger simple A, G, D and E chords. And if I did refresh, I hope I still remember how to strum my once practiced 'Better Man', 'I Believe I Can fly' and 'When You Say Nothing At All'.

Lately, I've been away to Bangkok and will do again for 3 weeks this coming Aug18. The apartment there was nice, it's serviced, air conditioned and I had it all to myself. The thing is I didn't feel connect to the world without a PC. That's so sad... Yeap, I'm self-pitying right now. My pastime for the last 2 weeks I was there was only the TV with which I caught the Tennis Masters Championship every night. It was a good one with unexpected results that I dozed off in front of the TV several times watching it past midnight. I would wake up and found myself still at the sofa past 3.30am and climbed to bed then. Got to wake up for office at 6.00am.

What I missed about my apartment back home in KL is the swimming pool where I do my butterfly(I aim to improve!), tennis court where I run and hit and the ball flies over the fence(sometimes!), squash court which I go down at 10.30 pm and play and sweat to my heart's content. The bleakness and emptiness of the court at this hour is eerie but full of solitude.

Thus, because all the above were unavailable when I was in Bangkok, I resolved to wandering and checking out my new environment. The Future Park Shopping Mall which is very huge served as our dinner hunting place. Just 4 days and we already had 3 meals of Japanese food. I never thought Japanese cuisine's such a hit in Thailand. They even have fastfood chain called 'Oishii Delivery' practising the same concept as 'Domino's Pizza' which we do not have in Malaysia. Food ordered are packed in nice soup containers or compartmented bento boxes to be delivered to consumers.

During the weekends, I took the local buses and BTS Skyway Train to MBK and Chatuchak from Rangsit. It's an experience by itself going there the hard way instead of a taxi. To me, travelling is not only about getting to a destination but the process itself should also be enjoyed. I asked fellow bystanders at the bus stands on the right bus to hire. Thank God they understood my limited Thai vocabs but several did speak good English as well. I also tried the public vans which apparently were more direct to the destination and it's more comfortable and fast at the same price of a bus's.


Johnny Ong said...

i also want to improve on my butterfly stroke

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

MInd sharing how you plan to do that? It's simply the coolest stroke ever, yea?

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