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Monday, March 10, 2008

For The Sake of Satisfaction

12.53 pm = lunch hour. Office's quiet, with a colleague engaged on the phone at another corner. Project engineer nearby I call "uncle" is here skipping his lunch. Is he adopting my style or something? Trying to be on a so called meal skipping diet.

Well, right here typing, I have my favourite Snekku ShoyueMi. I love the spicy one. It's salty, spicy and crunchy. Tagline says, "Cholestrol FREE, Crunchy & Crispy!" Afterall, a snack should be cholestrol free as it's non-meat based and vege oil fried.

I just love snacking these days, as long as the food I put in my mouth is crunchy and salty. I will also go for crunchy fruits like guavas but the thing is too much of these do no good for my peristalsis as I'm not a water drinking fan.

As much as I love snacking unhealthily, these thoughts never failed to make me feel guilty.

"Aren't you on a diet?"
- smile.... "Can't keep my hands off them"

"Lucky for you, you're not ballooning"
- "Well, that's if you know how to balance up your calories needs, and try omitting some meals"

"You still like fruits right?"
- "Yeap, I'm still a fruit fan"

"How often do you take these snacks?"
- "Very.. and stock them whenever I go grocery shopping"

"You're not going to stop?"
- "Not for the time being, I haven't gotten sick of them"

"Are they doing you any good?"
- "Nope, just empty calories and satisfaction. I start agreeing that my thin crown is not just due merely to gene but to it and my less balanced meal"

"I thought you were the food consultant at home"
- ..."Yea, no rice, no high GI food, no dairy based, no oily stir-fries, they turn the vege into evil food, no surface 0il-blanketted soups, no sweet overly riped papayas, no bananas, go for sour oranges, sour pineapples, no meat, no sweetened drinks/beverages. Anything worse including deep-fried, animal organs, sweet starchy food and the likes is totally out of the question."
"YET AGAIN, i still can't get my hands off salty + crunchy snacks"

"What's the future like with your eating habit?"
- ............

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