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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Infectious Energy

*courtesy of australianopentv at www.youtube.com*

Well, I'm neither familiar with tennis rules nor do I play it well. What I admire is the energy portrayed by the players when they play. It takes lots of energy to race to every corner of such a big court and hitting it so hard to another corner of the opponents side. Along with these, the strategies to trick the opponent and body coordination to hit and direct the ball as desired. That's lots of hard work one cannot imagine without trying it.

Can you see how much effort is being put-in for each point? Can you see the energy of the swing? Can you see the eye-body coordination to hit the ball on the sweet spot? Can you see how the player jubilates with each point? Do you feel the excitement just by watching it?

Do you like watching the hunks or the girls better? Well, to me both! They all have infectious energy. As for the built, the ladies are better to look at but not the William sisters, please. They're way too bulky for females.

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