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Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm not a Pervert

*courtesy of flickr.com*

Are you aware that every athlete has a different body shape due to the nature of the sport? Compare the two above...Phelps and Federer. Besides the composition of hair (which is not the case here), what else do you notice?

Phelps seems to have a more triangular figure. As you can see, he has a very small waist and hip. Not surprising as the butterfly uses lots of hip strength.The abs with a six-packed is so damn flat , as flat as a piece of paper. Shoulders and chest are wide and well toned. Look at the curve of the buldging biceps. The arms flinging at a relax mode and yet the buldge is so obvious.Take a look at his lower body, they're just so tiny. Needless to say, nice one!

As for Federer, more of squarish and straight down from the chest to the abs. Abs is bulky but not flabby. Arms are not as toned as I expected them to be considering the power needed in every stroke. It's a ball he's hitting and not the oh so light shuttlecock. The racquet itself is already much heavier than badminton's. Lower body, the hips is as broad as the abs. The legs(not shown) are expected to be muscular due to the constant speed and stabilizing needed.

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