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Friday, March 7, 2008

Lets scrutinize...

See his butt? It's jutting out the moment he goes underwater. This follows with a kick from the lower body. The hip action is very important to maintain the undulation of the stroke.

What does the picture look to you? Butterfly spreading it's wings, no..more like a bird or a bat. Nevertheless, it's an amazing pic of Phelps in action. What you see here is, he's about to come out of the water as he's looking ahead and upwards. He's also exhaling to prepare for fresh air intake.

Notice that the elbowe are straight and close to the water surface. The shoulders does not point up but forward. The head remains low,some says as low as your chin touches the water. Considering this, do not take your own sweet time taking in air. Your head has to immediately falls back into the water followed by your arms.

Here's how you should look when you come out. The upper body you see here refers to the T-section. Basically the T-sect and the lower body plays the main role in the undulation with the hip as the pivot.

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