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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

House Hopping

I've not been sleeping well. My mind seems to be very active even when I sleep. As a result, I wake up as exhausted as I the previous night. Partially due to unsatisfaction at work, the other since informing that I'm moving out from the current house. Well, the main issue is cleanliness of others which I no longer can stand. I'm just tired of notifying others to get their thrash out of the house, wash their 3 days old dishes and keep the washroom clean. I'm not sure if they're fed up with me but I'm beginning to get tired of them as well. It's been their way of life all the while and I understand that it's difficult to change.
Now, the simple things I look into for my next home are

1) First and foremost, the cleanliness of the house as an endeavour of the mates, obeyed duty rosters is a welcome. Don't tell me we clean only when it's dirty as different people has different ideas of dirtiness. To some, it's ok to leave the toilet bowl stained after use + wearing shoes in the house. To another, it's ok to cook and stain the floor with oil , leaving food waste to rot in the kitchen and the fluid stain the floor.

2) rental alone somewhere not more than rm 300.

3) availability of a fridge, stove and washing machine

4) condo perhaps which comes with sports facilities . Check out why a pool is a must besides a tennis/ squash court.

5) as in most cases for additional cars to a condo unit, availability of carparks by the road without getting summons is another plus.

6) preferably located within a 3 km radius from my workplace. Can't afford to be stucked in the jam daily.
The rest are still manageable. Notice that I have not mentioned anything bout food. As long as I get easy access to hypermarts especially Tesco/ Carrefour, then it's fine. Wish me luck in searching.


Unknown said...

I understand exactly how u feel about cleanliness. While staying with my housemates, I was the only 1 in the house always asking everyone to clean up. One good thing is that they will clean up after much nagging from me. Haha.. Hence, they call me the grandmother of the house.. Hope u manage to find a good home and housemates.

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Yea Preetha, it's tiring, man! Hate to do it but have to, can't stand them any longer. It's good if they're like your friends, realize it and not repeat the same mistake.

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