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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jenseits der Stille

"Jenseits der Stille" auf Deutsch oder "Beyond the Silence" auf Englisch habe ich im Februar gesehen. Es ist ein schoenes Deutsches Film mann soll nicht vermissen.

"Jenseits der Stille " in German or "Beyond the Silence" in English have I watched in February. It is a nice German Film one should not miss.

I went to UITM in Shah Alam purposely to check out the German Week held. This film was shown as part of the programme besides game booths, German food testing, German exhibition and slide shows. Somehow, I was in a cultural mood to end up travelling and spending half of my Sunday there.

The film above is about a girl born to hearing and speaking impaired parents. As she grew up, she found her talent in voilin playing. However, her parents did not share her passion. Mainly, it was due to her father being a victim of child favouritism between him and his talented sister. The story is a mixed twist between happiness and sadness when her mother died in an accident which her dad placed the blame on her for introducing mom to cycling when she couldn't even hear danger.

On the other hand, there were some funny scenes when she was younger. Sitting under the tube, she had to interpret tv soaps into sign language to her mom. Whenever her parents were called in for her misbehaviour in school, the mischievious Lara also played interpreter. Imagine her parents smiling when the teacher complained non-stop.

All in all, definitely a thumbs up for both film and soundtracks. Ausgezeichnet! Excellent!

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