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Friday, March 28, 2008

Low Budget Travelling

Often when my wanderlust strikes, I will check out this site and read updates on current travellers around the world. What they see, hear, smell, taste and feel is just as exciting as if I'm physically with them. I really salute their determination and willingness to spend months and some even several years travelling from place to place at a foreign land under tight budget. Thanks to them, I get lotsa tips and inspiration to try it out myself some day.

This kinda travelling is not suitable for those seeking comfortable holidays. It is not a luxurious travel but yet you get the taste of the land where you travel first hand. No arranged tours or nice tasty food waiting for you after your day travel, no air conditioned hotels/buses, no free and easy entrances, no planned destinations, no just beautiful sights/lifestyles, no guides to brief, translate or show you around, no safety assured...etc...etc.

On the bright side, independent travellers can forget about rushing due to tour schedules, factory visits with eventual sales, seeing the same faces of tour members all the time, visiting only tourists infested areas, buying expensive goods from tourist spots, wake up calls, missing out on the excitement of getting lost in a foreign land, missing out on the fun of language differences, missing out on the satisfaction and self discovery gain due to difficult situations.

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