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Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Favourite Fish

One of my pastimes includes checking out "Ho Chiak" to drool over yummies featured in the programme. However, looking at this video, the food featured doesn't impress me at all.

I agree that the fish is fresh, exactly what I'm enjoying at home but salted fish prepared by just bbq-ing fish layered with salt? I can already imagine the natural taste of the fish will still be there with a slight salty taste. Other than that, what's so special about it? I can even prepare it by myself.

Another dish is the wrapped fish with sauce. That's another easy one. Just add the ginger, chillis, sauces, seasonings , etc and a bottle of chicken essence. Haha... a layman like me can even prepare...Again, what's so special?

Normally, I eat my steamed tilapia spicy. What I eat is not as simple as shown and thus I do not prepare them. LoL. My family has our tilapias either cooked in curry, assam or nyonya at our regular restaurants. My God, I'm already drooling right now. Definitely gotta satisfy my craving the next time I'm home. If it's not steamed, it's fried with what we call 'chai sek' style, a sweet sour lime sauce garnished with sliced onions, raw mangoes and parsley.

Or else, if we happen to throw bbq parties(which is very rare), mom will wrap the tilapia with her homemade tom yam sauce before it ends up on the grill. Once the foil's unwrapped, together with the steam, there goes the HMMMMMM......... *droolz again*


Johnny Ong said...

where do u stay? i want to make my way there for those dishes

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Geez..thanks for dropping in. Looks like I won't be successful being anonymous here with your ques. I stay in the Land of Satay. But, don't you think the assam fish and etc can be commonly found in most Chinese restaurants?

Johnny Ong said...

the way u described it made it even more tastier at yr place .... LOL!

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Arigatou, Ong-san... Do check out my other posts and lets see what you think of them. Do we have mutual interests? Thanks.

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