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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog and Make Extra $

I may be considered new to the blogging world. You may simply judge from the amount of posts in this blog. Before this, I blogged on and off in my Friendster. That's more of the boring happenings in my life.

Eventually, I began to realize blogging can be anything besides a online diary. You may blog about your interests, yummy foods, celebs, your dissatisfaction...you rant and vent all your anger in your blog, you sell things, you narrate all about your travel experiences, etc. It's a site you call your exclusive own where you work on it from time to time. You welcome visitors, readers whom you don't first know and they like your blog, they think the two of you have the same wavelength. Exactly where I'm heading.... I don't wanna blog anything or everything in general. I'm going specifically into my interests bearing in mind that someone out there may stumble upon, share and enlightment me on our interests and WE CLICK!

I've been reading a food blog constantly for a while and the author is a homemaker. One of her posts says that blogging does not require one to have perfect writing skill. She's claim to work on hers wih just basic writing and photograpy skill. That struck me with "I can do that!" However, I'm not a great cook like her. "What should I write about then?" I thought for a long time before I realize I can share things I know well. Things I see it my way which usually does not concur with people around me.

What's more? One can generate income with their blogs! How great is that! I only see how it works after reading up and seeing proof of success. True enough, you earn without any initial fees required. You don't need to go for any trainings or sort or slave for anyone the conventional way. What you've gotta do is just write, garner traffic to your site and put up ads at your blog.

Once your blog passes a minimum limit of posts, you are welcomed to register your blog with PayPerPost(PPP). Once your blog is approved, you're open to many blog ads opportunities. Meaning, once you accept the offer, you are to write your post about the service/product as per the guidelines. Eventually, your pay as offered will go into your PayPal account.

This is my first offer and hence, I'm looking forward to my first payment. Can't wait. Hear from me in my coming posts!


Yin Hao said...

PPP is good for earning money but that is only if your blog is made to make money. Google doesnt like anyone joining these kind of stuff. if google found this out, they will delete your blog url from google search. and your page rank will be 0

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Thanks for the info. That's new to me. I'll look into that.

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