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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Officially Unfit

Missed dance class yesterday, mood was lousy cause thumb was lousy. Woke up at 7 instead of 6am this morning to drop in to a clinic. Too bad, I haven't got a camera to capture the look of my thumb now. Silly me shut the door on my thumb last Friday. I was thinking of foregoing medical consultation and let it heal by itself. Apparently it doesn't seem that way. The bruise has eventually spread from the bottom to the entire nail bed over the days. Though the throbbing pain has gone, the swell still remains so much so that I can't bend/wriggle it.

Currently, I write like I never held a pen before. Starting the ignition of the car requires me to use my left thumb instead.

From the clinic, I was referred to a hospital for further checkup. Didn't know it's that serious."They might need to drain off the blood clot from your nail bed to reduce the swelling", I was told. Ok, that sounds pretty scarry knowing that my thumb will be anaesthetized and probably the nail removed in order to do that.

To cut the whole story short, I went to TDMC. Did an x-ray which confirms my initial thought that it was unnecessary, got my medicines and paid. Luckily I've foreseen the high charge considering it's a private hospital. Knowing my RM50++ wouldn't suffice, I withdrew another RM200. Sure enough, according to the receipt, RM98.20 for consultation, disposable(huh?), medicine, x-ray and admin fee. Some anti-swelling+painkiller alone already cost RM48.40. Definitely gotta claim them back. LoL.

For a temporary disfunctional right thumb, I was granted a 3 day's MC. Yay..but no yay thinking I'm gonna rot at home with no swim, no squash, no tennis, no reason to speak, no tv. Well, I'll laze on bed and go online 24/3. This blog needs my attention besides my Vietnamese endeavours. Sigh, I've got a tennis game this Sat.


zewt said...

the right thumb... still ok, least it's not a tennis elbow...

i like your intro... to seek for ppl with mutual interest...

thanks for dropping by mate.

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Zewt, thanks for dropping by as well. Yeap, a tennis elbow would be much worse.

Now I've got 3 days' MC away from office work but I'm still typing, eh.

Your profile says you love sports too, cheers!

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