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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weekday Wander

So, I've made the move to take 2 days leave. 'What now?' I find myself asking. 'How shall I spend the 2 days' leaves?" Stay home...duh..and eventually end up binging??? Duh.. the thought of it makes me sick. Go out shopping?? I've been doing that over the weekends. I should be doing something different. Wha then? A trip to discover more of Malaysia? Having plans to Terengganu or Singapore but a bit lazy...considering the bad weather and preps to be done within this week for it. Then what?? Somewhere nearby? How about to Sunway Lagoon. heheh.. The fact that I don't even remember when the last time I went is enough to justify how many centuries I haven't been there. I wonder how it has turned out to be.

Ok, that's for Thur. What's for Fri? I've mistakenly thought the meeting I'm gonna have is this Fri. Apparently it's not. I should be there to learn the progress of the vendor's work considering my growing interests in the boilers system. Anyway, I still can follow up on the subsequent minutes. It's ok, I guess. In fact, my good colleague will brief me with his extra granny stories.

All in all, that's it for the coming week. Hopefully the training will kick-off the following week. No more delays please, I'm rotting. Well, headache...sign off now....taa....

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