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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big Loss

I felt so thirsty but plain water was as usual not in mind. I reached for the fridge looking for chilled refreshing oranges. Sad.. nowhere to be found. Neither were presliced pineapples or mangoes. Any guavas to nibble? None. Any pickled 'kedondong'? Neh, too bad. Mom hadn't reloaded any.
Then, I stumbled upon this...a big juicy pomelo. "What a lucky day!" I thought. Yum, it's one of my all time favourite fruits. I'd gulp the whole thing up, no joke.
"Now, where's the knife? I shall slaughter this baby and bury my face in it."
If you've ever seen or removed the skin before, you'd know the civil way of doing it. But most times, i cut it into quarters just like oranges before removing the skin. Of course, some part of the flesh would be exposed. Seeing this, I'd tear it off and put it straight into my mouth. Fast and easy way to the purpose, huh?
"OK, knife..here I come with my precious."
"Euwww... why so slimy....something is wriggling on my finger."
" Euww.."
Puppp!! I dropped precious with a loud thud. Took a close scrutiny and ....
Sob... there went my refreshment. I was defeated by tiny creatures. How depressing... What to do, in the end just had to drink plain water.


The Fitness Diva said...

OMG!! Well, that will certainly ruin the mood! :)

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

*LoL* Thanks for dropping by. It's not common to get to see something so close without you getting your hands dirty. Haha.

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